Shows and Trails

We have a blast with trail rides.  Our most common trails are at Doran Beach, Spring Lake/Annadel, Napa Park, and the Laguna.  Lots of fun and adventure.  Groups of 2 minimum to 5 riders maximun, required to book a trail ride.  If you are interested in a trail ride, put your name on the board in the barn, or call Apple Creek  to reserve the date.  Only Apple Creek Riders accepted for Trail Rides.  Custom trail rides can be scheduled all year round. Private Trail Rides by Appointment are available to Apple Creek Clients. We usually go for most of the day depending on where we go. call for more info. (707-829-2804)  (See costs in Rates)

For riders who feel comfortable we trailer our horses away to shows. It is always a fun experience. Riders receive ribbons and new tips from other trainers. We usually go for most of the day depending on where we go you may need a lunch and special clothes call for more info. (707-829-2804)


Playdays are an excellent way to improve riding skills at any level. 
In judging classes, you will be judged at your level of riding. 
You will also be given feedback on what you need to work on for improvement 
A fun way to be in a large group environment and meet other people. We welcome families to come and spend the day watching and supporting the riders. For more info call AppleCreek. (707-829-2804)