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Sandarac Arabian Horse Farm, a full service barn, hired Carol at age 18 to work at their facility.  Carol’s dream of living in California became a reality when in 1987 she was hired by Resner Arabians in Northern California where she bred, trained, showed and managed the ranch

            Her philosophy about horses has changed through the 36 years of working in the horse business.  Resistance free training and natural horsemanship are important in her training.  Correct seat position and simple use of aids are also implemented in the training programs.  Apple Creek is about the love and riding in harmony with your horse.

            Today, she teaches horse communication and kindness.  Carol has discovered horses are an amazing, unique animal that deserves respect of the human race!

            With 14 years experience as a dedicated dressage rider Carol continues to educate herself in this field.  She has won many awards and performed demonstrations in dressage through the years. Her accomplishments include the following:

  • Certificate  from Black Hawk Jr. College for outstanding service of training young people.

  • Certificate for outstanding and dedicated service to 4H organization

  • Certificate of award from Quad City Arabian Horse Club

  • Award of Pacific Slopes Champion First Level Dressage

  • Award Region 3 Reserve Champion Second Level Dressage

  • Award Region 3 Numerous Top Fives in 1st and 2nd Level Dressage

  • Numerous First Place Awards in Open Dressage Shows

  • Numerous Championship in Arabian Halter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Native Costume and Pleasure Driving Classes.
Carol Fricke

 Carol's fierce passion for horses started when she was a little girl.  Even though her family had no horses and her mother was terrified of them she begged her dad for a pony which he promised would happen when she turned ten.  Her dad made good on the promise and bought her a pony that she picked out.  Not knowing much about horses, the selection was an unbroken 1 ½ yr. old Shetland Welsh cross she named Nipper.  Ultimately this became a difficult learning experience for both pony and Carol with harsh lesson about safety.

            Four years later Carol purchased her first horse with money she earned babysitting. . At age 16 Carol however wanted to get a young horse and train it herself, so she sold her other horse to another family nearby.  That is when she bought her beloved Prince Galaxy who Carol trained, owned and loved for 36 years.  She named him Prince Galaxy because of her love of astronomy!